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XSBODY FORM Cellulite & Firming Gel

200 ml

LS - 5001

THE MOST SATELLATED FORMER, FIRMING AND CELLULITE COMPETITION BODY CARE CREAM of the world is in TURKEY! Medical, luxurious and professional skin care specialist and beauty code B2C MD brand's Firming and Anti-Cellulite is the new generation of new generation XSBODY FORM... B2C MD is the biggest problem for women, cellulite and cellulite removal from the abdomen and hip region XSBODY FORM offers Anti-Cellulite & Firming Gel. The product reduces fat stocking with vegetable oils, essential oils, oligo elements and a formula made from a seaweed extract, which allows the cellulite to heal rapidly and prevents build up. You can take the first step with XSBODY FORM.
Cellulite is estimated to be 80% of women until the age of 20. Analyzes conducted in 2005 estimate that 14 million people will benefit from body shaping products and that this figure will reach 35 million by 2017. Unfortunately, cellulite is not only associated with decreased connective tissue deformation and decreased diet and exercise cellulite, as cellulite cells must be resistant to fat loss during weight loss. In many cases, a selective anti-cellulitis cream is required, as well as healthy eating and exercise. Healthy eating and exercise are integral parts of any cellulite reduction initiative. However, the effect of diet and exercise can not be in a specific region, and therefore they alone can not provide fast enough and satisfactory results. On the contrary, active cellulite treatments and cellulite creams, exercise and diet have more field effects, helping to focus on specific boundaries. B2C MD XSBODY FORM Anti-Cellulite and Firming Gel is a high-density, highly natural natural active ingredient that contains hundreds of lipolytic and anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, circulatory, and collagen enhancers that can be used to reduce cellulite Enhancing active ingredient.
High-performance B2C MD XSBODY FORM Anti-Cellulite and Firming Gel helps to deliver a firmer, rounded and formulated skin appearance at different times. The special Regu®-Slim Complex, which supports collagen and elastin combination, smoothes the texture of the skin, enhancing its firmness and elasticity. When supported by sports and diet; 4 week usage end result is orange peel appearance. While the skin helps to contract, it also provides moisturizing. Do not leave it fresh jelly. Features of abdomen and scalp in all skin types.
- The patented unique multi-active body-shaping complex Regu®-Slim helps the body to regain shape and tone the skin.

- The anti-body effect is counteracting, helping to improve the appearance of the pit where cellulite is caused, and helping to counteract regional stubborn fat.

- B2C MD XSBODY FORM Cellulite and Firming Gel helps eliminate the cellulite problem and the appearance of orange peel on the skin. It reshapes the body and helps ensure that lines are redesigned in a proportional manner.