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Hyaluronic Gel Concentrate

HY - 1901

50 ml
- Hyaluronic Acid Gel Concentrate provides real hydration and regeneration care for the skin.

- Biotechnological hyaluronic acid with high molecular properties helps to protect skin against dehydration by providing long lasting intense moisture.

- The use of super hyaluronic acid (with targeted molecular modification) provides excellent moisture retention capacity in the epidermis.

- The skin acquires a soft and supple appearance.

- It promotes physiological skin functions against early skin aging process and helps the skin to get vitality.

- The skin helps regenerate, restore moisture, soften the skin, minimize the build-up, and re-activate the functions of skin cells.

- Stimulates and revitalizes skin with balancing and enlightening effects.

- High and low molecular hyaluronic acid promote skin cell formation.

- The high molecular hyaluronic acid is a supportive agent for reducing skin-tied lines and skin renewal.

- Low molecular hyaluronic acid supports physiological skin functions against premature aging.

- Increases skin vitality.