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The code of beauty, B2C MD is here for you with the Professional & Medical Skin Care Series developed and produced with the Advanced German and French technology. As indicated in its logo as "Code of Beauty", the secret of the B2C is clearly stating the history of the brand. B2C MD Labs researches and develops the latest technology products without stepping away from the medical cosmetics perspective with high technology. All skin care products have protection effect because B2C MD offers the invaluable cosmetics combining the innovative scientific findings and the striking effect of the nature in the highest quality. Provided by natural, precious active ingredients, the unique relaxing feeling is the result of the harmony of the products with the skin! B2C MD offers a new professional and medical way for the skin care.

Active ingredients produced by advanced technologies and scientific researches are unarguably the only secret of our effective beauty products. B2C MD is a powerful option in effective care products and beauty application. Our most important approach is to base on the innovations in various scientific fields with intensive and extensive researches. Produced as a result of the attracting and clear applications where contemporary technologies and active ingredient combinations are used, "Anti-Aging" Bee Venom, Snail, Arbutin and 24K Gold Professional Treatment Sets can be customized regarding your age, skin type and the needs of your skin. Harmonized professional products, luxury and ideal outcome-oriented Professional Treatment Kits are designed for the use of the Professional Skin Therapists. Each person has his/her own nature. Your skin has its own characteristic features. Your skin requires a care in line with its needs and features to maintain its from for a long time. Balance and preparation are essential to maintain the wholeness of the body. B2C MD Labs aim to provide the maximum effect with the Professional & Medical cosmetic products with biological technology and high concentration. Bee Venom, Snail, Arbutin Skin Series activate the cell activity and provides a perfect moisturizing and collagen synthesis stimulation on the skin. B2C MD formulizes products which offer maximum effect, increase the effects synergically, work in harmony and get optimal results. Gold & Botox series for injection-free Botox effect, Whitening & Hydrating Series for effective Spot Treatment, Anti-Aging Snail Series for experience of the proven magical effect of snail on the skin, and latest technology Collagen Masks providing both professional care and personal use comfort are designed for you.

Devoted to the clinical approaches, B2C MD follows closely the latest scientific innovations in beauty concept. The base of the treatments nourishing the skin is the products which allow restructuring process of the skin to begin. B2C MD products with special formulas are prepared by professional advanced research in development Labs.  Overall goal of B2C MD brand is to guide you through a new level in your skin health.  Our confidence and position come from the Beauty Specialists and Professional Skin Therapists using our products in each care session worldwide for immediate and effective results.  B2C MD is put up for sale in professional consultation points. The reason why B2C MD brand is the first choice of the Beauty Specialists and Professional Skin Therapists worldwide is our understanding of the basics of the sector. By researching and developing products that can compete with the standards of the sector, we promote Professional Skin Therapists.
In numerous beauty centers in Turkey and in the world, B2C MD awaits for you, our invaluable customers. When B2C MD meets with your skin, your skin health will be defined all over again. With Professional & Medical Cosmetics brand approach, B2C MD will be the first choice of the skin care professionals all over the world!
Feel the beauty with B2C MD, enjoy the time and discover the perfect care!