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Anti-Aging Snail Series

Skin is the primary barrier to external driven stress, it isolates and protects us. When skin is damaged, it gets irritated, thus it become more vulnerable to the  external factor driven stress and its look also gets damaged. Now, it's time to activate the youth genes! According to the needs against age-related deformation, Anti- Aging Snail Series offers combinations consisting of active ingredients which provide maximum tolerance. Inspired by the snail mucus, this series includes the latest technology to activate the youth genes. With its intense formula, it reduces  the aging symptoms such as the wrinkly look, skin sagging and skin tone deformity by improving the collagen production on the skin . Inspired by the snails self-repairing ability when its shell cracks,  the structure of mucus-like secretion of the snail which is rich in proteins, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, Allantoin, enzymes and peptides, gave life to the Anti-Aging Snail Series. Anti-Aging Snail Series not only  provides a deep care with its Allantoin based balanced composition and texture, but also a perfect moisturizing  by activating the cellular activities. Besides, it also activates the collagen structure and enzymes of the skin against aging.  For a high quality skin repair, epidermal construction needs additional steps. Anti-Aging Snail Series guarantees high quality epidermal repair. Developed with snail essence by B2C MD Labs, Anti-Aging Snail Series aims to protect the skin and repair the aging symptoms developed over the past years. Enriched with snail's tissue repairing fluid secretion, Anti -Aging Snail Series provide innovative Anti-aging solutions.