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Gold & Bee Venom Series

Structure of collagen and elastin giving elasticity and a fresh look react with the effect of the sun and sugar and becomes degenerated. Consequently, it leads fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Gold & Bee Venom Series has been developed with Bee Venom and pure Gold formulas to prevent the lines, to help to reduce existing lines, to moisturize the skin deeply,  to protect the skin from aging effect of UV rays and firm the skin with non-injection Botox care. When bee stings, it leaves its venom which is rich in peptides and this venom helps to improve collagen production, to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to plump the skin by improving the circulation. Bee venom inside the  Gold & Bee Venom Series provides a deep penetration of gold active ingredients to the skin.  Skin aging is a degenerative process deriving from chronological aging, internal and external aging. Internal and external factors cause skin to lose its glow and firmness, and is the reason of the visible aging effects such as wrinkles, pigmentation and sagginess. To prevent and improve the aging look on the skin, Gold & Bee Venom Series aims yo provide innovative Anti-Aging solutions with impressive results by synthesizing moisturizing, collagen boosting Bee venom and Gold. B2C MD offers an original solution for extremely dry and atopic sensitive skins with Gold & Bee Venom Series.  Gold & Bee Venom Series biologically and permanently rejuvenates the hydrolypic layer of the moisture and lipid-poor skins. Developed by the skin biology researches of B2C MD Labs, Gold & Bee Venom Series is composed of the natural elements and regenerates the skin.