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EGF Rejuvenative Button Series

Understanding the skin's aging process allows you to make decisions about how to have best care for our skins. A holistic approach to lifestyle can help to prevent premature aging and reduce the visible signs of skin aging. A good skin care routine is an important part of a holistic approach to treating symptoms of aging. The Rejuvenative Button Series developed by biotechnological and nanotechnological methods in B2C MD Laboratories, offers the latest technology in skin rejuvenation through its active ingredients; Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and Peptide. Thanks to the Nobel Prize-winning EGF technology discovered by Dr. Stanley Cohen and Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini, EGF production has rapidly increased and has been a breakthrough in dermocosmetic field. This protein, called EGF, is a cellular activator that increases the formation of “elastin” and “collagen’’ in the skin. EGF helps renew the cell. The EGF active ingredient in the Rejuvenative Button Series is a protein-like growth factor that stimulates the division, differentiation, survival, proliferation, growth and cell migration of cells and is involved in many physiological and pathological processes in the organism. EGF, which triggers epidermal and dermal regeneration, provides both anti-inflammatory effect and prevents the development of wrinkles and pigmentation. In addition, the active ingredient in the Peptide, which is present in large quantities in the products, is a part of the proteins that are the basic building block of the skin. Combination of these active ingredients is recommended especially in intensive cares in order to improve skin health and deterioration and create an anti-aging effect. Another important active ingredient in the series, Arbutin, has a great effect on the removal of skin stains. It helps to change the excess melanin which causes staining on the skin with colorless substance. It is very effective in spots on the skin and hyperpigmentation spots due to sun rays. Rejuvenative Button Series developed with intensive anti-aging, concentrated, luxury and advanced technology aims to provide fast and effective results after skin care treatments.