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Whitening & Hydrating Series

Appearing from time to time and attracting attention, the spots becomes permanent until adulthood. Thanks to the special Arbutin complex included in all products of the series, B2C MD offers an effective anti-spot treatment focusing directly on sebum quality. Inspired by the extraordinary power of the nature, B2C MD specialists combined the Arbutin in nature and the latest cosmetic technology. Skin gets its natural tone from "melanin" pigment synthesized by the melanocyte. The exposure to UV rays, hormonal changes, giving birth and some chemical products may lead to formation of spots by over-synthesizing melanin pigment. B2C MD offers products which focus on the this common skin problem sensitively and safely by lighting the hyper pigmentation look and preventing the possible skin tone change. Arbutin Whitening & Hydrating Series has been specially developed to fight against the dark spots on the skin. The abundance of melanin, exposure to UV rays, hormonal changes or skin trauma cause unbalanced skin tone and brown spots. With Arbutin Whitening & Hydrating Series, B2C MD aims to protect the skin health by offering skin pigment balance thanks to its relatively innovative touch. B2C MD offers an extensive depigmentation care for demanding sensitive skins with Whitening & Hydrating Series which is effective on the pigmentation problems. Arbutin Whitening & Hydrating Series is active in every step on melanin production. Basic biological mechanisms responsible from pigmentation activate and provide efficiency on optimum protector, anti-spot and soothing. This excellent series is designed not only for skin lightening and for providing the moisture skin needs. This special series developed in B2C MD Labs trains the skin for it to activate the natural moisturizing potential, to keep the existing water in for regaining of the moisture level by encouraging the production of the water canals on skin. For a more glowing, more elastic and more moisturized skin...