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The responsibility of the B2C MD brand is based on the passion to produce extraordinary products from natural ingredients with protection awareness.

Our experience over many years and our vision clearly states who we are and what we believe. B2C MD values the nature of the skin. Our principle in effective care is to protect the skin and our mission is to improve skin health. By devoting ourselves to this purpose, we promise: Medical& Professional Skin Care.

Besides our commitment to skin care security, we act environmentally conscious.

Our basic values such as Determination, Specialty, Innovativeness, Training, Quality, Integrity, Objectivity, Security and Satisfaction reflects our main goals. Moving forward with a will to offer new scientific approach and innovations for Professional Skin Therapists, B2C MD clearly states its difference and supports its visions. The brand offers supplementary care products for each skin type. In the meantime, B2C MD allows skin to protect and pursue its natural balance within a perfect synergy.